How can a change in land-use lead to migration?

The region arround Almeria in Spain was covered with forest in historical times. 150 years ago the trees were used for the lead mines. Resaerch suggests that the deforestation and more recently air pollution (which influences the formation of rain drops) has resulted in loss of summer storms and drought. The accumulated water vapour (and the pollutants) does not precipitates close to the mountains, but returns to the sea en is exported to other regions, like Central-Eastern Europe. The droughts are ruining harvests and putting farmers out of business. As recession in Spain continues, some people might leave their country to find a job.

But not all is negative, the hydrological cycle can be restored by the correct land-use. Willie Smits restored large tracts of rainforest for orangutan rehabilitation.  Among the spectacular results of the project is a documented cooling in local climate, increased cloud cover and rainfall, and a rapid increase in biodiversity of flora and fauna

(Walter Jehne, SoilsForLife)


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